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Welcome to Baby Gear Myrtle Beach!

This is how it works Y'all!

Scroll through our items to rent, then head on over to our reservation form where you will fill out what Y'all will need for your stay. Sorry, linens are not provided. Don't forget to fill out all those blanks! We'll need that to get your stuff to you. Click submit. We will then finish your reservation and make sure you will have everything you need. On your arrival date we will have all your items waiting on your at your vacation spot! Deliveries are from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. (these times can still vary), unless you paid for priority delivery (12-5pm). Just leave the items back where you found them and we will pick them up on the day of your departure. Pick ups start at 9 a.m., if you want to keep your items past that, you must add an additional day to your order. We understand that sometimes you are leaving later in the day and want to use the items, so please add an additional day if you wish to do so ahead of time (please call or email before pick up day), otherwise you will be charged an additional day and an extra pick up fee. 

{The prices do not include delivery $25+ that will be calculated depending on where the delivery is, and how far away and if they have ordered priority delivery, remember No Refunds, Only Reschedule.}


That's it Y'all! Pretty easy right?

Now go rent some stuff!

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